Each sold logo is a one-off design, it won’t be sold to anyone else. Along with your logo files, you’ll also receive the copyright for the logo. It’s yours to have and hold and do as you wish! Once your payment is cleared we’ll email you separately with a form to sign-off the copyright!

The Scope of Copyright Transfer.

By signing your customised Copyright Transfer Form, LogoCurio.us will be relinquishing all personal, professional, and ownership rights, to all designs included in your purchase.

The signed agreement also includes the Transfer of Ownership to any variations of the logo supplied as part of the initial purchase.

Example of these included variations could include: multiple colour versions; size and dimensional variations: landscape and portrait; reversed out versions; social media profile images; favicon; etc.

Unless other wise agreed and arranged, LogoCurio.us reserves the right to showcase the finished logo and associated designs in its portfolio, and in any number of online galleries & portfolios, as well as in printed literature including, but not limited to: books and magazines.

Restrictions & Caveats

All original preparation materials, sketches, visuals and unused ideas previously seen or unseen, or considered, will remain the property of LogoCurio.us.

You are free to change, modify and adapt the finished logo design as you see fit, but you do so at your own risk, and at the risk of dliuting , or causing confusion, over your existing brand identity.

Trademark ™ & Registered Trademark ®

It is important to note that Copyright is not the same as a Trademark, or Registered Trademark. This form does not provide any Trademark ownership, or protection. If you are seeking brand protection, then applying for a Trademark is the way to go.

Unfortunately, LogoCurio.us is unable to help with this process due to complex nature of hiring a lawyer, and correctly applying & registering for a Trademark.

Need a little hand?

With LogoCurio.us logo designs you really are free to make the design your own! But if you need a hand, add the LogoCurio.us editing pack to your basket alongside your design for an affordable way to edit the details of your design.

Customisation Package

The LogoCurio.us Brand Customisation Package

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Edit your logo

Customisation by LogoCurio.us

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