Bespoke Custom Logo Design

Bespoke Logo Design

If you’re after something a little more bespoke, designed in collaboration with your business, work with to create your Bespoke Custom Logo. can design a logo for your business with all the same creative flair you’ll see in our ready to buy designs. We love our existing designs, but sometimes making something truly unique that makes a real impact within its sector. This involves plenty of careful planning, research, expertise and a little time. All this hard work pays off when the result is a brilliant brand that does wonders for your business.

Bespoke Logo – from £800

Here’s the custom logo overview:

Stage 1

Design Discovery

It all begins by understanding you, your business, vision, goals and ambitions. Over a chat or two I’ll ask you a bunch of questions before refining this into a direction to take the brand.

Stage 2

Brand Strategy

With everything I’ve learned, I’ll work alongside you to create a visual brand strategy. This might be documentation, style boards, quotes, colour and images that begins to lead the understanding of the brand.

Stage 3

Brand Design

Collating everything together I’ll turn this collaborative vision into a single unified logo solution that will engage your customers and answer your business goals.

Stage 4


Continuing the collaboration, after sharing the design, built on the strategy we developed, it’s time to fine-tune and perfect the brand so it slots into your business brilliantly.

Stage 5


With logos designed and collateral created, I’ll collate all the files you should need, a set of brand guidelines to help you apply them and anything else agreed during discovery. The brand is now ready to share to the world!

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