Editing Vector Logos

Vector Logo Editing
All LogoCurio.us logos are provided as fully editable vector files to ensure you’ve the most flexibility for your brand. You can quickly change the colours of your downloaded files and edit the text to match your company name and brand.

What is a Vector?

Vector graphics don’t use pixels, like a photo you take on your phone or digital camera. Instead, they use a 2D map that applies the graphic you are viewing. As you zoom in, unlike pixel based images, the image doesn’t pixelate, lose quality or blur.

This makes them ideal for logos, enabling them to scale to suit any application, from small web based images to huge logos on billboards or applied to vehicles.

Perfect for Print.

The quality of your new logo will be noticed if it’s not up to scratch, this is especially apparent in print where the fidelity of the product is important and any low quality image will stand out. Vector graphics avoid this.

Endlessly Scalable.

Ideal for even the largest application, expand your logo to the size of a house without losing the quality and crispness of the design. Vectors will scale to any size without a problem!

Vector Graphics Software.

The de-facto software to edit vector files is Adobe Illustrator. This is available to download and trial for 30 days. But there are other alternatives, here’s a few, free and paid for, that you can try:

Adobe Illustrator
This is the software that’s used to create the logos on LogoCurio.us and remains the go-to software to create and edit vector files in. Available to try for 30 days, after that Adobe runs a software subscription service.

FREE TRIAL – Get Adobe Illustrator

Open source and 100% free, Inkscape is usually the first app anyone recommends as an Illustrator alternative. Personally, it isn’t as intuitive as any of the commercial offerings, but it will open the files and give you full editing capability.

100% FREE – Get Inkscape

Affinity Designer
Affinity is a popular alternative and available at a much more reasonable and one-off price point than Illustrator, plus it also offers a free trial. It’s not quite as fully featured but will do everything you should need to do on a logo.

FREE TRIAL –Get Affinity

The new-boy on the block, Vectr is currently a free to use online vector drawing application. Capable of opening the vectors supplied on LogoCurio.us. Still in its infancy, it should enable you to edit your logo as desired.

ONLINE FREE – Go to Vectr

Corel Draw
Corel used to ship built into Windows, back in Windows 3.1! It has since been developed as a stand alone system. As you might expect from a program with such history, it’s pretty fully featured, but will cost a fair amount. Again they have a free trial.


OpenOffice Draw
Focussed on office productivity rather than illustration, never the less it does have the tools required to edit vector files.

FREE – Get OpenOffice Draw

Need a little hand?

With LogoCurio.us logo designs you really are free to make the design your own! But if you need a hand, add the LogoCurio.us editing pack to your basket alongside your design for an affordable way to edit the details of your design.

Customisation Package

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Customisation by LogoCurio.us

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