File Formats equips you with all the files and formats you should need to roll out your branding across a variety of applications. You’ll receive files in both rasterised versions at multiple sizes as well as endlessly scalable versions created by a vector design program. This vector format can be edited with some specialist software or sent to other professionals allowing them to access the highest quality format available.

Raster Files – for web and office use.

Raster files are based on pixels. They’re great because this helps keep the files small, therefore quick to load on the web and embed in presentations or other office style files. However, in the same way as zooming into a photo you’ve take, as you scale them up, they can lose quality and start to look blurred.


The most useful raster you’ll have. Import into Word etc. A raster file but importantly with transparency. So on the white versions, you can import a png into powerpoint and put it on top of a black background or photo, the black/photo will then show through the none white bits of the logo giving you a professional looking page. Heads up that on Google’s online version of powerpoint, Google Slides, does not render transparent PNG’s correctly.


More common than png but not quite as good, there is no transparency available, so there are no “white” versions (as the “page” on a jpeg is defaulted to white). Other than that much of the same applies, you’ll see pixels when zoomed, it’s also a raster image. Generally more accepted by online tools, but with the loss of transparency.

Vector Files – For professional application

Each ready to download design comes in a fully editable format allowing you to customise the name to suit your purpose! Created as an endlessly scalable vector, the premier format for logos and branding, the elements are all unlocked to be edited by you or your own designer.


This is an Adobe Illustrator file, it’s the program used to create the logo and is the “native” filetype. This will be used by designers and printers to get a high res version of your logo without losing the crispness of the edges. It’s what’s called a “vector” file and will scale up indefinitely is size without quality loss. You may not be able to open or even preview this file type.


Also a vector but less proprietary than ai, other vector programs should be able to open them, not just Illustrator. You can lose some edibility, but this is becoming less the case as the format matures.