Owl plus Books equals Library

dt.common.streams.StreamServerWhen Amherst’s Public Libraries decided to get a new logo, the put together a design competition on LogoArena, a spec work competition site that allows folks from across the globe to submit logos to the client to win a fixed fee. In this case the Library set up a rather detailed brief (compared to what one sees typically) and offered $349. 121 designs were submitted from around 30 designers (many variations on a theme), the competition page is still live at the time of writing, you can see the brief and all of the entries.

The Winner

The winner it seems was a somewhat uninspiring candy coloured stylised J in a box with some pink and green text.

However a saviour stepped forth in the form of Tony DiTerlizzi, who serendipitously commented on how the new design was familiar; “Just Google Holiday Inn Express”.

DiTerlizzi was meeting with Library staff to discuss designs for an award statuette, but at some point the statuette design became an option for a new logo.

J a bit like this H?

So a wise owl on a stack of books was created and quite rightly the Library snapped DiTerlizzi’s hand off at the offer of free use.

So the Library have a great little character, designed by a local that really says what a library should say. It’s in massive contrast to the slightly bland and corporate feel (despite the pink) of the crowdsourced version. Sure it doesn’t meet the”rules of logo”, won’t go to 1 colour with ease, won’t scale well yadda-yadda, but who cares?

The old logo
The old logo

Thanks to a spoonful of skill and a touch of luck, Amherst’s Public Libraries have the best darn library logo I’ve seen for some time. Does it pip the design for my other firm favourite Copenhagen Children’s Library? I’m not sure, they’re both very different both in execution and scale, I think there’s space for both to be excellent.

via GazzetteNet.com

DiTerlizzi at his desk
DiTerlizzi at his desk
Screen grab of some other entries
Screen grab of some other entries




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