Overprinting Colours with Heidelberg’s new Logo


Heidelberg, German print equipment behemoths, manufacture, supply and support professional printing gear for industrial and commercial printers. As with so many large companies, they’ve moved from selling physical stuff to supplying associated services.

Stuff you get printed is very likely been passed through a Heidelberg made press. They sell huge digital presses that the cheap online guys use as well as offset litho presses.

I suspect if you’re a designer, you’ve had emails from printers boasting about their newly installed 7 colour Heidelberg. This is what they mean.


Heidelberg have updated their branding with a new logo and some associated icon images that represent “customer advantages”.

The H set to be used alone as a hero.
The H set to be used alone as a hero.

The new design features an extra splash of colour applied to the new hero H, which gets some yellow and green along with a new darker, richer blue. When the colours meet in the H we get an effect of an ink overprint, a relevant application considering the printing nature of the company.

The rest of the word mark is less extended than before with and the letters gain rounded corners. We also get a proper G with the extended slab that used to reflect the extension in the H done away with, which is a good thing I think, the old G looked like a rotated standby button and wasn’t too elegant. We keep the sci-fi like E’s however, for good or bad (I think bad).

Despite the condensing the mark takes up a very similar footprint, which is sensible, it’s a touch taller overall. The darker blue is a great move, the old blue feels insipid beside it.

The update certainly makes the logo friendlier, a reflection on the companies move into services away from the hard edged manufacturing only feel.


Accompanying this friendlier look, the icons take on the colour and overprint nature of the H to provide shorthand hints at the advantages of certain products and services. I assume these are designed to transcend language and allow an international audience to understand the Heidelberg range quickly.

Example Icon
Example Icon

Source: Press Release | Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG