Hrivnak Academy

Hrivnak Academy is “an educational program of Hrivnak consulting company focused on brand. It is a set of interactive courses and workshops that take place at various interesting locations” and is based in the Czech Republic. Which is all fabulous I’m sure.

I’m also sure that the ligature logo they’ve (as in agency Hrivnak) developed is absolutely fab. The crossbar of the H joins the a to allow the mark to read “Hra” Czech for “play” or “game” as well as “Ha”, as in an exclamation! Finished off by a really curly comma (not sure if I love that bit) and some nicely set out stacked text (in Abril I believe), in which the k’s are the winners.

The yellow is great too, though I prefer the darker shade on the stationary to the bright of the website or business cards. The black logo against that yellow makes the notebook particularly look very school jotter like and spot on for an “educational” feel.

Oh and they have a stamp. Stamps are for winners.

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Source: Hrivnak academy Corporate Identity on Behance

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