Cembra MoneyBank – Press Play


We’ve seen a few bank updates around these parts what with Lloyds and TSB separating once more, allowing a refreshed TSB onto the high street and ensuring Lloyds provided us with a freshly drawn horse.

This Swiss offshoot of GE is a brand new entrant into it’s market, a clean slate. It’s described as fresh, modern branding and it sure is, but I can;t get rid of this nagging feeling that in it’s triangular blue/green gradient glory, it looks more like a pharmaceutical brand than a bank. I’m gonna say it, it looks like a new brand of Viagra tablet named Cembra.

Now we know why that blond lady is looking so smiley.

Alongside the new positioning in the marketplace, the brand was required to speak to present and future employees and enhance cross-channel marketing. In addition, the positioning and origins of the market leader are expressed in the new name: Cembra Money Bank. The name is taken from Pinus cembra, the Swiss pine that grows even in the most inhospitable conditions in the Swiss Alps. At the same time, the Pinus cembra is a living symbol that brings the brand to life for customers and employees alike.

The clear positioning and the fresh, modern branding are setting up the market leader Cembra Money Bank for a strong future.


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