Enter the Dragon – Mille Cymru Cycling Logo

Mille Cymru is a 1000km cycle event across the length and breadth of Wales. Cyclists visit the 3 Welsh coasts climb over 15,000m – all within just 75 hours. Visiting many of Wales’ most spectacular vistas along it’s challenging routes.

One of very few 1000km+ Audax events, the Mille Cymru organisational team were looking to improve the branding of this prestigious event, they were keen to keep the red dragon emblem but update and develop it to promote the event.

Updating the figure itself was good but I chose a advance the design further by tightly cropping the character in a reversed out box, making the dragon white on a red field.

Adding in further elements, the Mille Cymru name and MC1K nickname, a 3 tier logo was developed to be used across various applications from website to printed materials and branded goods.

The final set of logos included 3 block variations as well as full colour, red and black versions. The dragon itself could also be used alone.

From designer Kieran Harrod.

Branding encompassed the logo redesign, event jerseys, brevet cards, medals, maps and banners.

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Dragon Development
Dragon Development


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