Everett Logo Contest – The Winner!

Envestnet logo, taken from website.UPDATE 10/12/2014: It seems that the winning design might be a little to close to another existing logo. It looks like two designers coming to similar solutions rather than a copy to me, so that’s better than the Amarillo farce.

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View all 849 entries in this 50mb original Everett logo entry survey screen grab.

Everett Logo Winner announced! Everett draws a close to their rebrand process by selecting an abstract E pattern logo designed by Sean Hamilton from a shortlist of 65 (the official link to shortlist is gone sadly). The long list of designs sent in by anyone, was an unmanageable set of 849 designs. (I’ve uploaded a full screen grab of the 849 as the survey showing them is now closed, careful though it’s 50mb)

I’m pleased for Everett for a number of reasons, firstly the logo is pretty decent all said. You could criticise it for being sightly bland, not representing Everett with any recognisable local flavour, it could serve any city whose name starts with an E.

But that’s OK, I’ll take 100 logos for cities like this over twee designs that try to cram local landmarks or references to industries. Many of the entered designs strayed in this direction adding planes as a reference to local employer Boeing, or boats thanks to the local shipyards, or both. So credit to the final judges.

Secondly, it’s a credit that in the end, they’ve employed a real designer. Mr Hamilton, who designs as Varsity Crime Wave. Paying real designers is a good thing and Chris gets $5000.

Against them however, I’m still bemused at the whole idea of the contest. I said previously that to my mind holding this type of contest was no more that an exercise in fake democracy. Attempting to engage the public and avoid some of the flack municipal redesigns tend to get about wasting money or selecting poor designs, because well, we asked the people. The reality is that on top of the public vote, folks at the Everett Cultural Arts Commission both selected from the long list and were involved in the final choice from the shortlist. The public didn’t have any say on the final choice once the 65 were selected.

Asking anyone to choose from 849 drafts was crazy, this should have been trimmed much more at the 1st stage.

But my main thought is, what the results would have been if Sean had been employed outright to design the logo? I can’t help but feel the result would have been even better perhaps more unique to Everett without the cheese? It would have been good for Sean, good for Everett and good for the other people, designers, artists and enthusiasts who spent time designing drafts.

Everett you see asked people to do work for free and leveraged that to make itself look good to the people. That’s asking for Spec work, which really is shameful, no one should be asked to work for free or tempted to work for nothing by a chance of payment.

I hope other cities choose different directions for their future rebrands, but I fear not, the Everett process seems to have tarn a trend and expanded it in the worst way.



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