Everett Logo Contest 2 – The Semi Finals!

UPDATE: Everett Logo Winner Announced!
Part 1: Everett Logo Contest: 849 ways to design a logo
View all 849 entries in this 50mb original Everett logo entry survey screen grab:

Keeping up with this story from a few weeks ago, the one where the city of Everett in Washington crowdsourced a new logo and offered the public a vote on which they’d like to see as the winner. They received 849 entries and put them all to the vote.

With the vote now over, the appointed judging panel are reviewing the ‘semi-finalists’. This consists of a list of about 120 designs. This however includes multiple variations on around 65 unique logos I estimate.

They can all be viewed in the design gallery (link now removed).

The chosen Everett logo solutions (selected by both the public vote and the cities Cultural Arts Commission, although no explanation to which is from where) are a mixed bunch. May containing planes and boats, lots with swashes and swirls. I find it really tricky to analyse them subjectively, my initial reaction is I dislike them all, perhaps I am being too harsh because of the whole unwieldy and bizarre process?

The winner will get $5000. I can’t help but feel that much could have gotten them so much more via a professional agency, but this is the route they’ve selected. Presumably to avoid any “you spent how much” type backlash prom the public, see Menlo Park for more on this!

It’ll be fascinating to see who will win. If I had to choose from this lot, I’d go with this:

My Winner
My Winner

It’s a little generic, but I like the patterns that can be created and the not too obvious E. The accompanying lighter text is smart too. I doubt it will win however, I find it tricky to believe the panel won;t plump for something without an aeroplane (thanks to the links with Boeing) and perhaps a boat too.

That’s why I’d expect this slightly bland design to win:

The one I THINK will win

The hills could be sails too, it’s got a bit of a city scape and although it could do with some finessing, there’s a plane. This design has a few variants, including a plane and cityscape free design:

A little more boat like?
A little more boat like?

Here are a few others coving some of the extremes of the 120 “shortlisted” designs.


No surprises a hipster happy
No surprises a hipster happy “hardcore” style logo makes an appearance.
Trendy and Retro but far from a city brand.
Trendy and Retro but far from a city brand.









Could represent ANYTHING
Could represent ANYTHING






A '90's seaside design
A ’90’s seaside design – Michelle Pertl
When the tagline directs the logo.
Ugh, when the tagline directs the logo – Michelle Pertl






Hello Clipart! by Tracie Skiles
Hello Clipart! by Tracie Skiles





So which would be your winer and which do you think will actually win?


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