Tesis branding and packaging

Some excellent branding for Mexican tea brand tesis by Anagrama. The logo elements themselves are understated, with a lowercase name above the “tea culture” tagline. I think they’re set in Caslon Semi Bold and Regular respectively.

There’s a sweet supporting icon representing Japanese wind chimes which have a little “TEA” banner in the centre, which is my favourite thing of all.

This is all supported by packaging featuring natural colours and highlights of red and gold. There’s also some ink like splodges which I like but seem to come from nowhere, perhaps they’re supposed to be brewing of tea as the herbs begin to colour the water.

Throw in the cool mint green base and you’ve got yourself a very smart looking tea brand!

Tesis was born in Mexico, under the curatorship of Sommelier Marcela Garza. Its unique herbal and tea blends are inspired by the origins of tea and ancestral heritage from flowers, herbs, roots and fruits.Japanese calligraphy, in which lines and dots become remarkably important, represents one of the most popular arts in Japan. Calligraphic work, represents part of the education of wise men who perform traditional tea ceremonies where the consumption of tea is promoted within a zen environment.Inspired mainly on the Japanese Art, our branding proposal utilizes water and ink stains representing the complexness and lightness of tea mixtures.

Source: Tesis | Anagrama

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