Font of the Week – Salty

I have to recommend Salty to you, for a number of reasons.

It’s a brilliant bold brush family with stacks of alternates and extras, with 8 variations and 4 sets of ornaments. Its goodness would be enough, but there’s more…

It’s also 75% off until Feb 25th. That’s a lot of fancy font for less than £15 (or $19)…

Finally, I was watching the BBC’s Great Pottery Throwdown, which has something of the “Bake Off” about it, with less “I can do this at home” but more of other good things, including Stoke-on-Trent (I have an affinity after attending Unit here) and Sara Cox, who was the Radio 1 breakfast show presenter at an influential time of my life and remains a favoured presenter. It’s good fun, the scenes cuts around the pottery are excellent.

Not so excellent is it’ use of the hatefully overused Lobster font. Not only in the titles but most unpleasantly, on the name tags seen when the potters place their items for the next stage, say drying or when taking them to the bench to be judged.

That’s Lobster in all caps.


Don’t do it!

Salty would have been a fab alternative for those name tags. The caps versions all sit together nicely and would have been much smarter!



What do you think of Salty? Any other equally goo bold brush scripts about? Any other alternatives to Lobster? Shout up in the comments…