New logo: Melbourne Festival


The new logo and identity for the Melbourne Festival takes its inspiration from local street layouts which sit on a 20° angle to the surrounding streets.

I do like a jaunty angled logo and jaunty angled design elements in general so thumbs up. The angle give the whole design a cohesive feel without the elements themselves being revolutionary.

Not so sure about what having festival written upside down brings tot the table, apart from placing the two “L’s” together.

The Melbourne Festival is a cultural event that takes place annually in the city of Melbourne, Australia. It is one of the leading cultural festivals in the country, and can also stand up against other multi-arts festivals in the world. This year’s edition is currently ongoing and is the first to use a new visual identity, created by Futurebrand.

The mark was inspired by the “Hoddle Grid”, the layout of streets in Melbourne’s city center which is located at a 20 degree angle in relation to the surrounding streets. Futurebrand also created a visual language for communication with lines in different colours, referring to the festival’s theme of “connections”.

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