Abril Titling

I’m going to start linking the Font of the Week with logos that have been featured during the previous 7 days. I guess it won’t always work, but lets have a go.

Last week I featured FF Mark after it’s use on the Mastercard rebrand. This week, appearing in the Hrivnak is the excellent Abril. Designed by TypeTogether, Abril as a very editorial feel, it looks like it belongs in a newspaper with versions that can make super strong headlines as well as dense body text.

Overall it’s solid font and super readable. Thinking with a logo hat on, Abril offers trust and reliability. I’d perhaps go for the Abril Titling variation over the standard Abril.

Worth mentioning you can get Abril Fatface from Google Fonts for free. The Fatface variation has a more contrasting stroke style and very rounded terminals. It’s got a 70’s publication feel which I like a lot but its use case is somewhat restricted I suspect. You will, however, get a feel for the quality and effort the foundry have put into the rest of the family.

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Source: Abril Titling – Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts