ADI Awards – Geometry and Typographic Car Crashes

Here’s a bright and bold identity for the biannual product design focussed ADI Awards. With 3 categories, product design, student work and a more abstract cultural work the awards have been given since 1961 and are describes as “an important channel for promotion and a valuable platform for public recognition for designers and companies in Spain”.

Hamburg-based TwoPoints developed a new identity that stemmed from the original design that had seen changes during its lifetime but had essentially remained the same Delta shape.


TwoPoints evolved the Delta as well as the symbol for the Medal award, a Hexagon and added a Dodecagon for the newest cultural award. This gave a mathematically pleasing pattern of chunky 3, 6 and 12 sided shapes.

There was little messing around when it came to forming the main identity of the awards, which sees all 3 shapes stacked together. The Delta shows through most due to its geometric differences which makes sense as its still the headline award.


Things get a little more complex when it comes to the accompanying typography. New symbols in hand, TwoPoints created a modular typeface, one that sent the classic Futura on a collision course with the 3 shapes resulting in three very different trips to A&E, the severe messed up Delta ends up in intensive care, its readability smashed to pieces. The hexagon has an extended stay in hospital but returns to life readable. The dodecagon gets checked over by the nurse and leaves a few hours later with everyone happy she is legible.

The new font Furturo is happily used sparingly as headlines and titles. The Delta version (which represents the awards premier gong) version is all but unreadable in some situations, which should never be the case with a design that’s supposed to be communicating.

I might also criticise the 1 colour version (seen on the Tote below) which runs the risk of looking like a different brand entirely.

On the other hand, design awards are allowed to have challenging and unusual brands, so I may just forgive this one, especially as I really like its chunky shapes, its bright colours and its bold execution.

Source: TwoPoints.Net | ADI Awards

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