Beef over Burger Brand

What could be better than a Tasty Burger? How about a “Tasty Made” burger from a new restaurant chain owned by American firm Chipotle?

Looking to get a processed cheese slice of the luxury burger pattie, Chipotle have developed a burger chain concept with branding separate from the parent design.TastyBurger-logo-side-x-side$large

However, local burger joint owner, David Dubois was a little perturbed not just by the naming, but also the logo design, which features a somewhat similar red lozenge with white text.

Understandably when a big fellow like Chipotle, with over 2000 locations, puts its marketing might behind a brand that despite its differences, is similar to your own, you need to be concerned.

After an ignored request to Cease and Desist, the story has made headlines online. Maybe the publicity will shame Chipotle into standing down?

Or not.

According to The Boston Globe, Chipotle’s Communications Director Chris Arnold said the company fully intends to move forward with the “Tasty Made” brand. And that they “believe there is sufficient difference between the names and logo marks so as not to cause consumer confusion, and we believe both brands can co-exist.”

Tasty Burger has issued a cease and desist letter to Chipotle arguing that its forthcoming Tasty Made burger concept bears a “unmistakable” resemblance to the Tasty Burger signage.

Original Source: Burger battle: Tasty Burger squares off against Chipotle – The Boston Globe