Script Font – Steak

An inspiration angle this week rather than a directly used font of a design we’ve looked at over the past 7 days.

I covered the conflict between Tasty Burger and Tasty Made. Both had a retro (hipster) feel including type in a red oblong shape. Tasty Burger had a script design that doubles down on the retro feel and it’s to this I’ll take you.

Script fonts a ten a penny, but good ones are rare (especially the glut of free script fonts we see). Good ones named after meaty foods rarer still.

Welcome to Steak by Studtipos from Argentina. It’s somewhat more curly than that of Tasty Burger but that’s OK, it’s tastefully curvy. It’s packed with alternatives and swashes using OpenType features, which is fab.

It’s standard lowercase “r” characters aren’t too fancy, a trouble with some script fonts who choose more traditional fancy r’s.

With roughened variations for that antique retro feel you should have all burger joint branding bases covered. What’s more, the versions are called “Barbecue”, “Braised” and “Smoked”, which is excellent.

It’s also half price on MyFonts till 20th August.

Steak_Font-1 Steak_Font-1 Steak_Font-2 Steak_Font-3 Steak_Font-4 Steak_Font-5 Steak_Font-6 Steak_Font-7 Steak_Font-8 Steak_Font-9 Steak_Font-10 Steak_Font-12 Steak_Font

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