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The University of Suffolk is an educational institution located in the English county of Suffolk which was, prior to August 2016, formerly known as University Campus Suffolk(UCS). UCS was granted Taught Degree Awarding Powers by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in November 2015, and in May 2016 it was awarded University status by the Privy Council. As a consequence of this, UCS was renamed the University of Suffolk on 1 August 2016. – Wikipedia

In line with its full University and renaming, the University of Suffolk has rolled out a new brand. Featuring a square with a cutoff corner, reflecting the institution’s location in the south-east of the UK. The accompanying text is set in Sharp Sans with a secondary font, Graphik. Both are relatively friendly humanistic fonts.

Coming from a pretty bad place, the old logo with its green box, thin lines, and dots, the new is a grand improvement. Carrying over the square is a little nod to the original but doing away with the all the fuss and crammed in text is sensible. It allows both elements to breathe and kudos for using a “ff” ligature in Suffolk, always nice to see.

Neither element is breathtakingly original and I fear now its a “full” University, such a corporate and stiff logo might be restrictive. Typically students like their uni brands to have some clout and history, see Warwick and Loughborough for this, but I guess as Suffolk doesn’t have that much history, this might not matter?

In application I like all the chunky text, the all-caps and the vertical applications. Both fonts are in my happy zone in that sense. It does all look a little too corporate firm, however, but then University Institutions are getting more and more business like. I wonder if it’s not overly welcoming, although I like the Welcome Pack’s square size and use of the cut-off corner most.

There’s stacks more info on the brand website too.


Source: University of Suffolk rebrands to reflect new status – Design Week Design Week

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