Saint Octave – Cheese and Charcuterie

“Saint Octave is a cheese and charcuterie delicatessen in Brussels. Octave, the owner, is a lover of cheese and decided to open up his own shop so he could bring good food to the every day consumer. He not only sells cheese but he also explains and makes people understand what is behind the products everyone consumes.” (Marta Ribas)

Oh cheese, you tempter of weight gain, how I love thee.

And how I like this identity for Belgian cheese and charcuterie store Saint Octave! Drawing back from the full on end to last week with the Billboard100 Festival’s explosion of colour and shape, the branding for Saint Octave by Marta Ribas and Mare de la Llave, is low key and minimal.

Three very simple things come together to make a lovely other thing. Firstly the straightforward, well-set serif type of Saint Octave, which is accompanied by an equally well-spaced bit of type around a circle. Finally, we get another circle with the shortened name ST.O within which is used in repeat in various places and as shorthand in others.

I’m a sucker for all of these lo-fi, trendy identities for artisan stores I’ll admit. A couple of really nice feature that stand this one out are the gold foiling on the business card (fancy print finishes alway win in my eyes) and the cheese and charcuterie circle, which instantly made me want to eat a whole round of some sweaty brie. It’s a great touch.

And let’s be honest, I’d probably report a change to the Starbucks logo no matter how bad the accompanying visuals, but when it comes to smaller brands featuring here on, then fabulous photography helps!

I’m off to ogle a camembert, catch you later.

Via: Saint Octave – Marta Ribas