Deliciously Ella Branding

Food bloggers are getting lots of attention, people don’t cook recipes from books but search online for them, often from their favorite famous celebs or blogs. Bloggers coining phrases like ‘clean eating’ seem to get a great deal of traction. Ella Mills who is better known as Delicious Ella has broken out from the internet with some branded products including packaged energy balls.

Agency Ragged Edge has rebranded the products centred around Mills’ own signature, though who on earth has a signature that’s anything like such a clean mono-width script font, I’m not sure?

Well, saccharine sweet food bloggers I guess, that’s who.

Supported by a “sunburst” graphic the design looks bright and super friendly. The accompanying text is set in Naive Line Sans, a tidy looking hand drawn font that complements the logo text very well.

The packaging comes in 3 colours and some excellent illustrations of nuts and stuff.

Interestingly and one of the reasons I shared it is that should you like this style, you can achieve it quite easily using a font I’ve featured in Font of the Week a good while ago called Sparkle Script. It even comes with a set of ornaments with a sunburst character.

As much as I like the Deliciously Ella brand, and that it’s more refined than breaking out a script font with some ornaments, does it feel a little underdeveloped? Perhaps a touch, but maybe it’s knowing when to stop on a brand like this, rather than throwing all sorts of ornaments and illustrations at it, that makes the difference?

Sparkle Script for comparison.
Sparkle Script for comparison.

Source: Ragged Edge refreshes Deliciously Ella branding – Design Week Design Week