It’s a good Dell

Dell, the people who make computers have to me, always be Dell, the people who do computers. I had a pretty awful Dell Vostro laptop once at a place I worked, it was weighty and creaky, had huge gaps in the plastic frame and a really poor screen,the trackpad was unusable. This was all at a time when the Macbook Air had been out for a couple of years, a computer that had none of these issues, in a really compact frame. To be fair the Dell was 1/3 of the price, with a copy of Office.

The Dell also had the Dell logo on the back. That’s what Dell laptops have, a Dell logo.

lidl_stiftung__co-_kg_logo-svgIt’s a pretty monstrous logo. With that wonky E at a funny old angle looking all huge. It always reminded me of budget superstore Lidl with it’s falling wonky “i”, that I always presumed represented the rejected B grade produce dropping into Lidl’s shelves!

Well, the good people of Dell (who by all accounts make some pretty good computers too, despite my experience) have updated their logo, with some help from Brand Union. Without too much fanfare they’ve lightened the lettering and surrounding circle. The wonky E is retained and looks better balanced overall, from the angle to the size balance with the other letters as well as improving the balance between the stems, with the white space between appearing much more even.

It is then, a good Dell. Unlike that Vostro laptop.

It’s still a wonky E and I still can’t drop the Lidl association.

Stacks more info on the Dell Brand mini site.