NatWest with boxes and gradients

Natwest have gone and turned their pointy arrows back a retro notch and updated their logo with a blast from the 1960’s (following CO-OP‘s lead).

It’s all very accomplished, though the gradient’s not quite as exciting as the 60’s original, and they also abandon it for all the supporting materials, with things such as icons and lettering all having clean crisp isometric faces.

These supporting elements are also very bright and colourful, which I’m not too sure about, they’re not currently “banky” enough for my liking.

And it’s all a smokescreen for the fact that parent company Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) played a rather large role in almost bankrupting the UK back in 2008.

The gits.

It is all super slick however, a really rather good job, but it feels like some of the timelessness of the 1969 simplification away from cubes is lost. The dark purple and red that Natwest has been using for a while now remains strong has been retained, which is a great thing.

1960’s Brand Manual

FutureBrand has created colourful new branding for NatWest, which aims to differ from the “white sans-serif typography” used by competitor banks.

Source: NatWest goes back to its roots with new branding – Design Week Design Week