Anti Opportunity in Antioch City

In a masterstroke of self-flagellation, Antioch City (the second largest city in Contra Costa County, California, US, a suburb of California) have selected a new logo that highlights that “Opportunity Lives Here”.

Only trouble from my end is that the design chosen by the city council, highlights that the city is “Anti-Opportunity” thanks to the type lockup, hierarchy and colour combination.

The Selected Design

The selected design has an O rising from the water, presumably a sun element. A strong enough concept, though the execution may be a touch simplistic, but the focus on the O feels a little off considering the city starts with an A. Unusual too is the repetition of the element in “Opportunity”.

The largest faux pas remains the lockup of ANTI and OPPORTUNITY, highlighted by the break that happens within the city name from the O sun and the blue yellow combination.

It’s all I see.

Created by Evviva brands, who generated 4 options for the final vote, a couple of which suffered from the same malady.

For what it’s worth, The old logo wasn’t anti anything.

The Old Design