AdFest – How not to Spirograph


In a bizarre coincidence, a 2nd Spriograph based identity rears it’s head in my news inbox. After the (smart) identity for Automic by SomeOne comes this logo for Thailand based advertising festival, AdFest.

There’s not a great swath of info about the logo, just some mumbo, but it’s most certainly a representation of a couple of Spirograph tools. It’s not pretty in that jarring red and green with some tiny, tiny writing.

Still one great Spirograph based identity is more than enough for a day.

The logo depicts the creative expressions that the advertising fraternity delivers to consumers through collaboration and co-creation.

“I’m very excited because the second part of the logo, which will be implemented closer to the festival, is the expression of these two forms and it is really going to add life to this lively festival. Also, usually there is a standard logo for a company, product or event like this but we are breaking the traditional thinking. If more that one logo or an expression of the logo can make a creative event like this more vibrant, energetic and lively, then why not?” he added in his characteristic manner.

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