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I watched Pick TV the other day. Some big biker bloke and his slightly scary gun wielding leather clad mates drove around some southern American state shouting and banging on doors chasing folks who had skipped bail. They’d variously forgot their court dates or been too high to remember, but this chap had a word with them, sometimes prayed for them and their family, then carted them off to some jail.


I don’t plan on watching it again.

Also, I’m just going to say this, the new lowercase, slightly modified type letters with a bit of shine are bland. The old ones were better. Pick had a cute bracket KTV> thing going on at least, and Challenge had a retro feel, for a channel that shows old gameshows, like Bullseye (yes the UK did show a rather too successful early Saturday evening gameshow based around darts).

Oh and the little characters introduced into the Challenge idents (by CreativeNuts) are charmless, apart from maybe the one with a buzzer head. The others repel me.


Pick and Challenge and two British entertainment channels, available to most households as the free-to-air outlets of pay broadcaster Sky. Pick shows a mix of entertainment from Sky’s pay channels, while Challenge is focused on game shows. On October 7, they both introduced new looks with similar logos.

Other than the logos, the two channels have different presentation. Idents on Pick feature people on bicycles, while the Challenge idents introduce a cast of animated characters who are enthusiastic about different types of game shows.

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Old Challenge Logo
Old Challenge Logo
Old Pick TV logo
Old Pick TV logo

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