Moscow Zoo – are squirrels rare in Russia?


I love a squirrel.

But at no point have I been to a zoo and rushed to see the Squirrels. Or the Pheasant or Pelican. The Dolphin maybe. Why the design team behind Moscow Zoo’s updated 150th anniversary identity thought placing some rather mundane animals front and centre was a great idea I haven’t the slightest. But that’s what they’ve done.

Perhaps in Moscow giraffes and lions pester visitors to local parks and the grey ones push out the indigenous moscovian giraffes and lions. Perhaps pheasants are a rare, exotic sight?

The squirrel itself is a nice enough little silhouette and tessellates into some lovely patterns. But the other 3? The example patterns provided are just ugly, how can you make a dolphin ugly?

And then Museo. It’s a smart enough font if curvy overused semi slab serif’s are your thing, but they shouldn’t be your thing and it seems inexcusable to use it so liberally in this identity.

So boo zoo.

The Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe, founded in 1864. As the zoo gears up for its 150th anniversary, a new visual identity system was unveiled last week, on October 17. It was developed by RIA Novosti, the country’s leading news agency.
The new system introduces bright new graphics and logos. The logo comes in four variations with different colours and patterns made up of animals – a pelican, a pheasant, a dolphin and a squirrel in green, purple, blue and yellow. The agency also worked on new signage. The Museo typeface is used heavily in all applications.

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The 3 other highlighted animals
The 3 other highlighted animals

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