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I took part in a discussion over on Derbyshire Times Facebook announcement. Some of my points are repeated here, but these were my thoughts at the time:

“A logo or brand is totally worth high expense when executed correctly. You are paying not for just “three lines” but their expertise and knowledge. Design is constantly being devalued for it is being judged solely on it’s visual merit. I’m sure weeks worth of work went into a project such as this and the 13k would need to cover the multiple draft, revisions, research and application over all their branding, print, websites, signage, literally anything that logo would touch and of course the company’s wages.

When people see a one off painting they don’t question the pricetag because the skill and practice involved is evident, a brand however will at the end of the day still appear as three lines when the hardwork is done out of the public eye.

The question is, is this a strong brand. I would say yes, for it is a damn improvement however… Personally I think it could have been drawn better, my eyes are drawn to the lower left corner which is distracting and the sharp angles leave it looking stressed. Not something a organisation dedicated to public welfare should show.”

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