The Airbnb logo looks like an A not balls, boobs or a bum

There have been a great number of words typed over the new Airbnb logo. I tend to agree with the more measured reviewers(try reading Graham SmithArmin Vit, maybe Bill Dawson), that it’s

a. Rather smartly implemented but
b. A bit generic and
c. not the most original.

Its surrounded by all sorts of over the top marketing speil, which doesn’t help the case for the below. But I’m sorry, it doesn’t look like genitals. At least not till you start adding stuff to it (very NSFW). Start putting the logo in certain positions and adding lines to it and yes, you can make it whatever you like from a cartoon dog to a pair of hairy nuts. Like pretty much any logo then.

Say like the McDonalds logo. Turn it around, maybe position some extra marks, voila! Boobs!


I did a search on such a term (again if you’re at work, don’t search for McDonalds logo +boobs like I did) and not only had someone cottoned on to the same idea, but there’s also a story (how true I can’t verify) that suggests back in the day so psychologists insisted McD’s keep their golden arches as they reminded people of the nourishing nature of their mothers breasts. You couldn’t make it up.

Then there’s advert to the left. A quick 180 and some lines before you know it you’ve an advert for discounted burgers!

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