The Marmalade Pantry Branding

A tasty bit of branding for a Tuesday post Bank Holiday. The Marmalade Pantry is a small chain of 3 outlets in Singapore. Alongside the opening of a new bistro in the Oasia Hostel, Bravo has created a new identity for the brand.

With some delicious colour combinations and a smart olive branch illustration, the whole thing looks completely edible. The logo itself; let’s call it a brand mark (because Bravo do, and it’s text based) is set in a Didot (Bold of some description), the dip at the top of the ascender in the lowercase “t” gives it away. Didot always feels very upright, and it’s a nice coincidence as I recommended a modern font, Camila, last Friday that is in the same vein as Didot.

The text looks really fabulous on everything it’s applied to, from the uniforms to the menus. They seem to add in this small olive stamp mark onto it all, which I could leave off, the mark is nice enough but it’s not the pinnacle of olive icons, it could be grapes, and pales beside the watercolour style painting seen elsewhere.

Bar that niggle, I like this a great deal.

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Source: Bravo