European Southern Observatory Identity

Finding an appropriate solution which is concentrated on the unique aspects of the entity your branding is usually the holy grail of identity design. The branding for a bank should ideally assure it’s customers that said bank is a reliable place to store their money. For an energy drink, you’d expect something with more playfulness and, well, energy, something that says “Yeah, you’re going to get a kick outta me!”. There are of course edge cases, perhaps you want your new bank to be friendly and approachable, a breath of fresh air from the stuffy corporate competitors? That’s achievable, but you still want to ensure people see you as a safe pair of hands, just a friendly safe pair.

This identity for the European Southern Observatory (ESO) which in shorts operates 3 telescope sites in Chile hits the nail right on the head. It’s smart and experimental, like its subject, and suitably the best stuff happens when it’s dark! Designed by Malwin Béla Hürkey I like pretty much everything, from the low-key colour palette of blacks and greys on lighter greys to the judicious use of Franklin Gothic, the confident use of tight margins on the brochure work and the wonderful final visual twist.

This falls into the “I wish I’d designed this” category!

malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_vk_01-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_ausstattung_01-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_alma_03-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_alma_inhalt_03-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_alma_inhalt_04-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_dvd_04-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_messenger_a_01-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_messnger_mappe_01-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_messnger_mappe_02-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_visitors_kit_01-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_visitors_kit_03-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_vlt_alma_e-elt_01-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_vlt_inhalt_01-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_vlt_inhalt_02-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_vlt_inhalt_03-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_vk_03-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_vk_04-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_messnger_all_01-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_messnger_all_02-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_dvd_01-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_dvd_02-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_dvd_03-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_detail_04-1280x905 malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_besucherpass_01-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_besucherpass_02-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_packaging_c_01-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_packaging_b_01-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_sound_modul_01-1280x905malwin_bela_huerkey_identity_eso_packaging_c_02-1280x905

Source: Malwin Béla Hürkey — Visual Communication — European Southern Observatory — Identity

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