What do you get when you cross football and business? A retro looking new logo for Soccerex


Football is big business and Soccerex are into the business of football (we’re talking about the football that’s mostly played with the foot, not the one where folks hold the ball and throw it).

If I were cynical (I am) then I’d suggest that these are the kind of people that suck the life out of the game and turn it into a commercial enterprise existing to make money rather than for the love of the game. I don’t especially care for the game, I’ve half a mind to see my local team Derby do well and wryly shrug my shoulders when England perform to their usual average.

I imagine one of Soccerex’s key markets are businesses headed by football lovers, so having a large scale corporate look and feel that appeal to footy aficionados would be good. What DesignWerk have done well here is avoid some of the clichés of current football club design and marketing but still ended up with something that looks suitably sporty.

It looks like a retro 60’s world cup logo, which is a good thing, the star in the football is neat but the globe a touch overused, and I’ve no love for the “businessman playing football” photos and the “golden ball photoshopped into cities” work is dire.

Still, here’s to Brasil ’14

Soccerex is the Global Leader for the Business of Football that provides a wide range of opportunities that includes Networking, Consultancy, Events, Advertising, Introductions, Sports Recruitment ensures businesses reach their full potential.


More on DesignWerk seen first at Design Week – Branding »

Man in suit kicks pretend ball.
Golden football badly photoshopped into tower


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