Nil Points – is this the worst logo of 2013? Eurovision 2014 includes hashtag #JoinUs!

Eurovision logo 2014

A late entry to worst logo of 2013 I feel.

I suppose an awful singing contest deserves an awful logo. Whatever the excuses (“diversity and difference”) whacking a hastag on a chavtastic diamond doesn’t cut it!

It’s not the design per se, although the diamond shape is awkward, the fractal idea getting overused and having to shoehorn in the actual Eurovision logo makes thinks tricky.

It’s the hashtag.

The awful idea of having a hashtag in your logo.


For anyone who doesn’t know, the Eurovision song contest is held each year in the country of the previous years winning entry. Despite the name countries as far from Europe as Israel take part. They hire a usually tacky musician or band to sing a song written by a national (so the singer could be from anywhere as long as the person who penned the song is from your nation), stick this person on a stage with dancers and costumes and so forth, warble out some awful tune and then hand over to the next camp entrant.

When everyone has sung, voters or panels from each country appoint scores to their favourites, or their neighbours and allies in most cases and the winner gets to disappear into obscurity until they hand over the award the next year.

In the UK it’s very much a joke, folks often get together for a party and watch the show in an ironic way whilst consuming booze. We used to win quite often in the 70’s and 80’s but our recent for has be pleasingly poor, meaning we don;t have to spend the cash hosting the whole carnival.

This year it’s in Copenhagen, who last hosted it in 2001, I’ve uploaded a version of that years logo below, and oh how times have changed, I really love it! It’s got that minimal Danish feel spot on.

Europe’s largest TV event, the Eurovision Song Contest, will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark next year after the kingdom won the competition in neighbouring Sweden in May. Every contest has its own theme art, the look and feel that will permeate the contest, and the host broadcaster DR unveiled theirs yesterday.

Next year’s contest will be signified by a hexagonal diamond with the slogan #JoinUs on it. This will be the first contest to use a hashtag as its slogan. In a statement, the executive producer of the show explains that the diamond symbolises the contest as gathering point that is “at once sparkling and strong” and that its different sides show “the diversity and difference that will be on the Eurovision stage”.


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Denmark’s last effort in 2001

What do you think of the 2014 logo then? Should we see more hashtags in logos?

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