Hayne Script

If there’s a trend in typography that won’t go away, it’s Script fonts. That’s mostly a good thing in my opinion because a decent, flexible fully feature script can be a thing of beauty.

It also means that I’ll see fewer instances of the average Brush Script, which is only really hateful by its ubiquity as it’s preinstalled on both Mac and Windows machines. Also less Lobster with a bit of luck, which is also unavoidable these days (it’s the new comic sans) as it’s available for free.

Allow me to introduce you then to Hayne Script by Majestype.

With lots of flair, plenty of alternative swooshes and variations that are clean and rough this could become a real workhorse for a brand. Cafes and Coffee shops as always can pull this one off as could anyone looking for something to promote their more personal brand.

I’m not so fussed with the complementary sans serif, stick to the script!

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Source: Hayne Script – Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts