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You tend to find in logo design, trends in font popping up all the time, and getting out of these trend ruts can be tricky because customer A sees design B and likes how it feels. Design B is all over the web so everyone sees it and likes it, before you know it everyone’s designing logotypes based on existing fonts but rounding off some of the edges.

You also get the classics such as Helvetica, for which I’m certainly in the lover camp, but which tends to find itself overused. Then the misused ones, say Comic Sans or, and say this quietly Papyrus (confession, I used this on our wedding stationary 10 years ago, I know better now).

Then you get the free fonts, some of which are good (Source Sans maybe or the excellent Alegreya (although that one’s the pro version, the freebie is fab too). Others are simply vile, badly set with poor curves and terrible spacing, user beware!

So my Font of the Week, which might not be weekly and hey, might be more often if inspiration takes me, will focus on alternatives to the usual, great fonts that either I’ve see around or when I can, I’ve actually used. They won’t be free but that might be remarkably well priced.

Font of the Week – Salty
I have to recommend Salty to you, for a number of reasons. It’s a brilliant bold brush family with stacks of alternates and extras, with 8 variations and 4 sets of ornaments. Its goodness would be enough, but there’s more… It’s also 75% off until Feb 25th. That’s a lot of fancy font for less than […]
Font of the Week – Elsa
Do you want to build a snowman? Well, wait for it snows then folks. Do you want a good looking sans-serif font that’s crossed with a monospace courier like design? Well, that’s Elsa by Stereotypes for you. Not an ice queen from a cartoon but a smartly crafted, multi-weight sans serif that has just a few hints of […]
Font of the Week – Monolog
I wanted to share a font this week that answered a fontish issue, that stems from the recent trend of free web fonts. Free webfonts have recently been made especially popular by Google web fonts but also by others such as Font Squirrel. Some of these are really great fonts, Source Sans by Adobe, for example, […]
Hayne Script
If there’s a trend in typography that won’t go away, it’s Script fonts. That’s mostly a good thing in my opinion because a decent, flexible fully feature script can be a thing of beauty. It also means that I’ll see fewer instances of the average Brush Script, which is only really hateful by its ubiquity […]
Camila Font – A Didone Style Font
Heading once again down the inspiration route this week with the Camila font by Latinotype. We’ve had a few fashion brands recently pumping out the stylish but safe san-serif centred fonts (Daisy Grace and Sally Beauty). Camila could be another answer to a fashion brand, indeed it’s inspired by that most classic of brands, Coco-Chanel. A didone […]
Script Font – Steak
An inspiration angle this week rather than a directly used font of a design we’ve looked at over the past 7 days. I covered the conflict between Tasty Burger and Tasty Made. Both had a retro (hipster) feel including type in a red oblong shape. Tasty Burger had a script design that doubles down on […]
Neue Haas Grotesk
This week, keeping things tied in by featuring fonts from logos we’ve looked at during the week, it’s the excellent Neue Hass Grotesk, as seen on the branding for the 9th Berlin Biennale . It’s a Swiss neo-grotesque and during its lifetime it was rebranded as Helvetica. Yes, that Helvetica. The two fonts have taken different […]
The Doves Type
The tale of Doves type is one of passion and obsession from two men; Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson, a 20th-century bookbinder and Robert Green, a 21st-century designer. Cobden-Sanderson was striving to produce the perfect book, perfect in every way. He partnered with Emery Walker to start a private press called Doves Press based in Hammersmith London (a part of […]
Abril Titling
I’m going to start linking the Font of the Week with logos that have been featured during the previous 7 days. I guess it won’t always work, but lets have a go. Last week I featured FF Mark after it’s use on the Mastercard rebrand. This week, appearing in the Hrivnak is the excellent Abril. Designed […]

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